NEW -  Now Jill is helping her clients even more through

Gastrointestinal, Food Sensitivity and  Adrenal Function testing!!!

Always learning to bring supportive solutions to your wellness needs!!

For Individual Clients... This is the BEST move you can make to understand and revolutionize your health for now and the future from a Foundational prospective with In-Home Visits and Phone/Internet Follow-ups!  Without Nutritional Therapy's support, often we search and try to eliminate symptoms or conditions when the root of the problem lies in the Foundational aspects of our health.  Often by nutritionally strengthening the weaknesses of the body, the consequences in our health either disappear or the solutions are more targeted.  

The first step is for you to submit your Initial Interview Form and the discussion our roles in our “Partnership in Wellness.”  During the course of our partnership, supplementation may be recommended, but it will be for the sole purpose to target the strengthening of organs/glands as indicated and NOT for the intended purpose of eternally providing a crutch or masking an underlying issue – the goal is for optimal health to be supported through diet and lifestyle choices that are right for the longterm.   I encourage treatment as an adjunct to medical treatment and never give recommendation to specific drug reduction; this is between you and your physician/pharmacist as your health improvements manifest.  Get started NOW!!

For Families... Your service also includes assistance with family dynamics in achieving your health goals TOGETHER although your bodies are still quite bio-individual. 

For Long Distance Clients... I'm having great success with my long distance clients!!  We will rely on telephone and/or internet for appointments.

GAPS Support Groups  (Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome)... Weekly teaching and support for individuals and families from the research and teaching of Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride MD, MMedSci (Neurology), MMedSci (Nutrition) who fully recovered her own child from autism.  However after working with thousands of clients, she found this teaching is crucial in understanding the link between our physical and/or mental health and the food/drink we take in as well as the condition of our digestive system.   This support is applicable for those dealing with various mental and/or physical disorders because the gut is the seat of our immunity and gateway of toxins or nutrition.  Families are welcomed to attend to support or for their own prevention purposes.  Admission includes teaching, Q&A, food demos and participation in this community support group.   All are welcomed! 
GAPS™ and Gut and Psychology Syndrome™ are the trademark and copyright of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.  The right of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by her in accordance with the Copyright, Patent and Designs Act 1988.

​​Fortis Wellness Groups...  BUSINESSES want to be on the cutting edge in performance and productivity, but to accomplish this they desire and need a healthy, fully functioning work force.  Wouldn't it be great to decrease sick days and help your employees to stay at the "top of their game" while not depleting health care resources?   In fact you can potentially save on future healthcare dollars!  

Rejuvenate your ORGANIZATIONS   to reach higher levels of health and zeal!  Re-Energize and unify in a goal that enhances QUALITY of LIFE!!i

It has been reported that hundreds of employees in companies who have utilized the Fortis Wellness' holistic wellness programs have witnessed direct benefits in the areas of  "overall health, weight, productivity, energy and morale."   True Found Wellness, utilizing the Fortis Corporate Wellness Program, provides a 12-week Nutrition Workshop Series to help strengthen your company from the inside out.  This program is also available in the community setting.  Call today!


Individual Clients - Adults $425/6 hours over 3 months or $150/month for 3 months  

Weekly GAPS Support Groups - $300/12-week series prepaid per person.  Minimum of 8 people. 

Hourly GAPS Consultation w/Personal Workbook $80.00/hour

Fortis Wellness Groups – Move forward with your health goals together in the workplace or community setting! Geared to optimize the power of education and peer support.  Corporate and Individual rates available as groups are structured.

Prices are subject to change without notice.


- GAPS Support Groups -

To Enroll, call 804-693-4148 to leave a message.  

Held over 12 weeks = $300/person, Q&A and Food Demos.  

​(Must have 8 enrolled Minimum)

True Found Wellness